What's involved?


  • A 10am start and a full day of looking at possible areas to live.

  • Initial phone call to discuss and agree on areas to visit

  • Collect by car at 10am and visit all areas in a logical manner to minimise time in traffic

  • Discuss and point-out in each area, places of interest, transport options, local amenities e.g. gyms, cafes, restaurants, libraries, etc.

  • Visit 1 sample property per area to give an idea of the type of property available in each area in-line with client needs.  Please note that different areas of London do offer different types of architecture and accommodation.


During and at the end of the orientation, a discussion of which areas are preferred and next steps, e.g.

  • Full rental or purchase home search in an area(s)

  • Another orientation day in other areas


Rental Home search

A 10am start by car to view up to 12 properties in one day based on agreed client search criteria.


As the London rental market, at all price points, moves very quickly, research is done within a maximum of 48 hours before the tour day to ensure that all properties to view are still available.

  • Phone call with client to agree their needs and confirm via email their search criteria to avoid any confusion

  • 24-48 hours before the tour day, research starts

  • The search criteria are sent out to my network of letting agents and landlords to search for both on- and off-market properties in each of the areas of interest

  • From all the properties sent to me, I consider each in turn and make an initial short-list of which are of interest.  I then contact the agent of each of these properties to discuss the property in more detail, e.g. move date, furnishings, etc.

  • An initial itinerary is created the day before the Home Tour and re-confirmed late afternoon to ensure that all properties are still available.  If any properties are no longer available, the search is sent out again in the expectation that new properties have come to market that day.  The confirmed itinerary is send to the client the evening before the Home Tour.

  • The Home Tour – the first viewing is at 10am and subsequent viewings every 30 minutes thereafter (location and traffic permitting)

  • Usually the Home Tour is done by car as more expedient but may be also on foot – it depends on where the properties are located

  • Each property is discussed in detail with the client and agent during and after the viewing

  • A detailed explanation of the letting process and legal requirements of renting a property in the UK is discussed with the client as well as the process of making an offer on a property and what is required as well as what and what is not legally binding

  • At some point during the day, when a client has seen a property they would like to rent, an offer is put forward to the agent who in turn will forward the offer to the landlord.  A process of negation will start which will hopefully result in an agreement on both sides (the client and the landlord) at which point the property is taken off the market and the process of creating the tenancy agreement starts.

  • The tenancy agreement is checked to ensure that all specific points are listed and correct and sent to the client for signature

  • Upon signature of the tenancy agreement by both the client (tenant) and the landlord, monies are paid and the client can take possession of the property



Purchase property search


Finding a property to buy can take much longer than finding a property to rent as it is a larger financial and more long-term investment.  From the start, discussion and refinement of why you want to buy is key to finding the right property.  The process can take weeks and months rather than days compared to a rental home search.

  • Phone call or meeting with client to discuss their needs

  • Written agreement on search criteria

  • Search is sent out to my network of estate agents, property agents and owners for both on-market and off-market properties

  • A short-list of properties is created and sent to client via email.

  • Upon request, a preview and video of any properties of interest is sent to client

  • Search will continue until client has selected up to 5 properties of interest and an accompanied tour is organised for the client to visit each in person

  • Accompanied Tour – client is collected by car and taken to each property in turn.

  • The offer can be put forward on behalf of the client and be negotiated on their behalf until agreed by both parties or the client may prefer to do this themselves

  • Once both parties have agreed terms of purchase, both buyer and seller will instruct their respective solicitors to start the process of sale