Throughout my life my dream has always been to study abroad. As a Mexican citizen my options were limited. Once I decided I wanted to study in the U.K I faced another challenge. Understanding how the English system works being a foreing student was hard, but it all changed when I met Selma. Since day one she helped me with the best tools and best attitude. I am certain that without her and her agency I wouldn't have been able to fulfil my dream properly. I truly recommend her and want you to know that if you decide to let her help you in any way possible she will never disappoint. She is an extraordinary agent and consultant and I am very grateful for her and her assistance.



Montserrat Avendaño, Mexico

The application process to study at a University can be brutally stressful, especially for a foreigner! 


Selma is extremely knowledgeable on the educational system and the level of professionalism is unmatched. 


During the process Selma definitely made me feel supported also on a personal level. I feel very grateful for her being by my side.


At the end I got an offer from my top choice which I’m very happy about!


I highly recommend her services!

Maria Veronica, Cyprus & Russia